5 Reasons To Have An Inflatable Slide At Your Next Party | Fayetteville NC

We all love our outdoor parties. From the backyard BBQ to the all out huge family reunion and everything in between, planning the entertainment, especially for kids can be tricky. There are all kinds of inflatable devices that you can rent. The Moon Jump, the Castle, but for a cool and unique idea, you should consider these 5 reasons of having an inflatable slide for your next party.

Fun For All Ages

Almost everyone loves to cool off and they love slides. Inflatable water slides combine the two, making water play at an outdoor function a must have. Everyone will enjoy taking a few trips down the slide to cool off and will allow for some great pictures and memories. This offers hours of play.

Great for any kind of party including neighborhood block parties, Company parties, birthday parties or any even where there will be children that need to have some entertainment.


Playing in lakes, streams, rivers and other natural bodies of water comes with inherent risks. These can include the water being too swift for a swimmer, bacterial pathogens that can cause disease, as well as a whole host of other risks. With these inflatable slides Fayetteville NC, you can still have hours of water play, with less risk than you find in natural bodies of water or swimming pools.slide_combo_pic_043


There are 4 different slides in two heights to choose from. Offering a single lane on the slides, they have one that will fit kids of all ages and sizes. They even have some that will work year round, so using it indoors is possible. We currently have:

  • 18 Ft Ocean Wave Water Slide. This can be used either as a water or dry slide, which allows it to also be used year round. A must have for your next party.
  • 18 Ft Front Load Water Slide. This will accommodate those bigger kids that want to join in the fun. A great way to cool down during those hot days of summer.
  • 16 Ft Front Load Water Slide. A smaller version of the 18 ft, it allows for hours of continuous water play.
  • 18 Ft Fire & Ice Front Load Water Slide. Brand new to their lineup, kids and adults are sure to love the design and look.

 Easy Setup

Our professional people will set this up and tear it down, making it one less thing to worry about as you are getting your party together. You simply need the space and a water source, and inflate it, and viola, you are ready to go. That also means that early comers or other people assisting with your party setup who have children will have a way for them to keep busy and not be underfoot.


When you are planning an event or party, you always have to look at your budget. The water slide is very affordable and they have something that will fit every size budget. Starting at 4 hour rental times, you can ensure you will get your money’s worth when one of these are included.

Inflatable items at parties have become a hot item. Once only found in places like carnivals, the new and unique inflatable slides Fayetteville NC are sure to make your next outdoor event a big hit with everyone.