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Inflatable castle bounce house rentalIf you are planning an event or party, then you are probably going to need a party rental. Fun Factor Inflatable Rentals can provide you with a lot of party-related items such as bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, concession equipment chairs, tables, tents and décor items. [Read more…]

A Party Is Not Complete Without Chair Rentals | Fayetteville NC

resin chairIf you’re looking to host one of the best parties in the neighborhood but you don’t have all the facilities for guests, then the first thing to consider is chair rentals Fayetteville NC. Chairs and tables are a must for any event, especially considering that invitees will talk about your party if you make them feel at home. In this regard, you need to choose the best and most comfortable chairs around. They don’t need to be exquisite, but they have to be new and ready. If you don’t have the necessary equipment in your home, look at what we have to offer:

Folding Chairs

Have you thought of where all the kids and parents are going to sit? Here is your answer. Opt for these simple folding chairs and the success of your party is guaranteed right from the start. You don’t need to sweat for extra accommodation options, as these chairs provide the basic comfort that everyone needs. Use them when serving guests some popcorn or when inviting them to the dinner, as they will work just as well every time. You just need to focus on the event, as Fun Factor team has the set up and delivery of chairs assured for you. Why buy expensive chairs when you can just rent them when the need arises? With folding chairs for rent your problems disappear instantly!

Elegant Resin – White Folding Chairs

If you want to add a bit of class to your backyard party, then look no further than these elegant resin chairs. They are sturdy enough to handle whatever you throw at them, and invitees will definitely feel like they are treated with the very best. Place them on the grass or around the table and everyone will enjoy their time at the party. These chairs’ white color helps direct the heat and thus eliminate some of the burden of hot days. Choose to rent them along with a bounce house and both partableents and kids will be contend!

Folding Tables – A nice addition to the chairs

Looking for a sturdy table to hold your presents or simply one where you can place some food or serve some sweets? If so, look no further than our folding tables! Made of durable steel, these tables are stylish enough to go well with just about any setting. You can choose to add more of them to serve you different purposes and to accommodate everyone at the event. One of these tables is enough to seat 6-8 children or 6 adults. We will deliver it and set it up wherever you need it. All you need to worry about is the possible food and guests’ setting. These tables go perfectly with out resin chairs.

These are the main options that you have to take into account when it comes to chair rental Fayetteville NC. Keep in mind that our company sets everything up for you, so if you book right away, you’ll have no worries about the party! Also, make sure to check out our other party rental options. With Fun Factor, your entertainment is assured!

5 Reasons To Have An Inflatable Slide At Your Next Party | Fayetteville NC

We all love our outdoor parties. From the backyard BBQ to the all out huge family reunion and everything in between, planning the entertainment, especially for kids can be tricky. There are all kinds of inflatable devices that you can rent. The Moon Jump, the Castle, but for a cool and unique idea, you should consider these 5 reasons of having an inflatable slide for your next party.

Fun For All Ages

Almost everyone loves to cool off and they love slides. Inflatable water slides combine the two, making water play at an outdoor function a must have. Everyone will enjoy taking a few trips down the slide to cool off and will allow for some great pictures and memories. This offers hours of play.

Great for any kind of party including neighborhood block parties, Company parties, birthday parties or any even where there will be children that need to have some entertainment.


Playing in lakes, streams, rivers and other natural bodies of water comes with inherent risks. These can include the water being too swift for a swimmer, bacterial pathogens that can cause disease, as well as a whole host of other risks. With these inflatable slides Fayetteville NC, you can still have hours of water play, with less risk than you find in natural bodies of water or swimming pools.slide_combo_pic_043


There are 4 different slides in two heights to choose from. Offering a single lane on the slides, they have one that will fit kids of all ages and sizes. They even have some that will work year round, so using it indoors is possible. We currently have:

  • 18 Ft Ocean Wave Water Slide. This can be used either as a water or dry slide, which allows it to also be used year round. A must have for your next party.
  • 18 Ft Front Load Water Slide. This will accommodate those bigger kids that want to join in the fun. A great way to cool down during those hot days of summer.
  • 16 Ft Front Load Water Slide. A smaller version of the 18 ft, it allows for hours of continuous water play.
  • 18 Ft Fire & Ice Front Load Water Slide. Brand new to their lineup, kids and adults are sure to love the design and look.

 Easy Setup

Our professional people will set this up and tear it down, making it one less thing to worry about as you are getting your party together. You simply need the space and a water source, and inflate it, and viola, you are ready to go. That also means that early comers or other people assisting with your party setup who have children will have a way for them to keep busy and not be underfoot.


When you are planning an event or party, you always have to look at your budget. The water slide is very affordable and they have something that will fit every size budget. Starting at 4 hour rental times, you can ensure you will get your money’s worth when one of these are included.

Inflatable items at parties have become a hot item. Once only found in places like carnivals, the new and unique inflatable slides Fayetteville NC are sure to make your next outdoor event a big hit with everyone.

Concession Rentals For Your Child’s Party | Fayetteville NC

Throw your child a birthday party that they will never forget. Imagine having popcorn, snow cones and other snacks for your child’s guests. Children can line up to get their tasty snacks at your carnival themed birthday party. Concession rentals can make any party more festive. You can rent machines so that your kid’s birthday party will be a blast.

Popcorn machines are great for any type of birthday party. Serve fresh popcorn at your child’s event. His friends will be raving about his awesome birthday party for weeks! Children love the taste of popcorn, and it’s a great snack to munch on while waiting for games.

Summer is the best time for snow cones. You can have them right in your backyard by renting snow cone machines for your kiddie birthday party. Guests can choose the color and flavor of their cones. These are not only great for kids, many adults love snow cones, too. Cool off on a hot summer day with these wonderful treats.

You can make sure that your party’s a hit by renting a nice big moonwalk. Bounce houses are sure to make any party more lively. These things are great for kids of all ages. However, remember to designate a time for older children and teenagers to avoid injuries. Some adults might even want a turn on the inflatable castle. A bounce house is just the thing to create a more festive feel for your carnival themed party. You can find concession rentals and inflatable bounce houses at a party needs store near you.

Organizing the Best Family Reunion or Party Ever | Fayetteville NC

Family reunions are something everybody looks forward to. However, if you would like to add some spice to such special events, we can be of help. We offer several items which will make your family reunion, outdoor activity or party a huge success.

First off, if children are going to be present, then you need to do your best to keep them entertained. This will allow their parents to have fun too! So it is a good idea to consider renting bouncy houses for the kids. We offer bouncy castles for various ages. These come in various sizes and themes. Our prices are highly competitive too.

BTI Fire and IceIf the party or event is going to be held in the hot summer months, then it is a great idea to rent one of our inflatable water slides. Kids simply love them! We also have a range of interactive games which you may choose from. All our items are safe and you may put your mind at rest that your kids will have fun while being secure.

Obviously, you will need to rent chairs and tables so as to accommodate all your guests and serve the food and drinks. We can offer a nice range to choose from at reasonable prices. The chairs and tables come in a range of materials so as to suit varying tastes and preferences. The chairs are comfortable and your guests won’t end up complaining about that for sure. The tables come in various sizes, and they are all resistant and portable. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of time setting everything up. All our chairs and tables are portable and easy to set up and carry around.

Other great additions for your family reunion or party would be machines that will offer a nice range of treats and goodies to choose from. Our concession rentals are very popular as they add variety to your menu. We offer popcorn machines, snow cone machines and cotton candy machines. Kids go crazy for them, but so do adults! So you may rest assured that if you choose to use Fun Factor Rentals for your party needs your party will be a huge success!

Besides offering you a nice range of items to choose from, we can guarantee great prices and free delivery as well. So the next time you will organize a family gathering or party you need look no further. We are your best bet for a well organized and successful outdoor activity.

Bring the Theme Park to Your Backyard this Summer! | Fayetteville NC

It’s sizzling hot, school’s out, and, oh … you volunteered to organize the annual summer block party for your neighborhood. It’s time to pull a plan together, but how can you keep several dozen kids happy while the grownups attend to the barbecue? What about ways to cool off in the heat? And where are you going to find a chair for everyone?

Have you ever considered a “theme park” party? Especially if the nearest actual theme park is miles away, you can bring the happy games, food and memories to the safety of the neighborhood.

Crayon Bounce House RentalOne way to streamline planning a theme park party is to use a rental company that specializes in activities and concessions for outdoor parties. They can help you with those extras that will make your party a smash hit.

Keep the Kids Happy with Theme Park-Style Attractions

No theme park would be complete without a “ride” or attraction. Sure … a roller coaster might be out of the question, but an inflatable water slide will keep the kiddos occupied for hours, not to mention tamp down complaints of “it’s so hot out!” Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

The classic bounce house is still a favorite with young kids and will give them another place to exhaust that energy on party day. Bounce houses come in incredible designs: Would you like a castle? A sports theme? A tropical island? There is something for everyone.

Sweet and Salty Treats for Rent

Another essential for a theme park day is the food! Besides the barbecue or hamburgers, add a few food concession rentals. How about a popcorn machine? No worry about spills — just let the birds take care of the extra kernels.

popcornWhen the mercury rises, everyone loves a tasty snow cone. You can rent a machine that will make mounds of snow, and Fun Factor Rentals can supply just about every flavor you can think of, regular and sugar-free.

We will show you how to operate these machines, and they’re more reliable for large parties than units made for at-home use. Making treats for bunches of people is no problem — the machines are powered for volume!

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Does anyone really have folding chairs for a crowd of 50? Forget trying to rally every card table and lawn chair in the neighborhood: Fun Factor Inflatable Rentals in Fayetteville, NC can provide chairs and tables for virtually any size party, and can provide setup and break-down as well. It’s just one more detail you won’t have to think about.

A tent or canopy is another item you should consider. If your party area has little or no natural shade, a tent will give your guests a place to escape the sun, making your party that much safer and more comfortable.

With a little help from your local party experts, a theme park in the backyard doesn’t have to be an organizing nightmare! Make a dream come true with a few well-chosen rentals and supplies for a party that no one will soon forget.

Spruce Up the Party with a Bounce House

arch-castle-inflatable-comboA bounce house is one sure way of taking a birthday party to the next level. Bounce houses are very appealing to children and adults as well. The kids enjoy jumping up and down for hours. The grown-ups take this time to relax and interact. The entire party scene is striking and pleasant to the eye. Bounce houses are no longer a luxury item available only to those who can afford to buy them. Renting a bounce house is an easy way to create an extra-ordinary event on a reasonable budget.

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Birthday Party Rentals Fayetteville NC

Birthday Party Rentals Fayetteville NC

Fun Factor Rentals offers a large variety of choices for your birthday party rentals in Fayetteville NC.

We have solutions for boys and girls birthday parties, toddler birthday parties and older children’s birthday parties. If you are looking for a themed birthday party, check out our inventory that includes castles, Disney, princess, and other themed bounce houses.

Children’s Activities For Easter Party

Easter party ideasEaster is one of the biggest holidays in the US.   Traditionally, this holiday has been known to be of a particular significance to different people across the world. For many people, this is a religious holiday where they get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For others, this is the time to get together and bond.  It is also a good time to plan fun activities for the children so as to ensure they also have a memorable Easter.  If you are looking to create a fun festive atmosphere, consider organizing some games and outdoors activities for your guests. You can come up with creative children activities for Easter party that are guaranteed to keep the kids happy. Here are a few ideas to help you create one of the most memorable Easter holidays ever:

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Party Rentals in Fayetteville NC From Fun Factor Rentals

Party Rentals in Fayetteville NC

Fun Factor Rentals offers a large variety of choices for your party rentals in Fayetteville NC. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a company picnic, a church get together or a school fundraiser, Fun Factor Rentals has the equipment and the staff to turn your event into an unforgettable experience.