Spruce Up the Party with a Bounce House

arch-castle-inflatable-comboA bounce house is one sure way of taking a birthday party to the next level. Bounce houses are very appealing to children and adults as well. The kids enjoy jumping up and down for hours. The grown-ups take this time to relax and interact. The entire party scene is striking and pleasant to the eye. Bounce houses are no longer a luxury item available only to those who can afford to buy them. Renting a bounce house is an easy way to create an extra-ordinary event on a reasonable budget.

Here are some benefits of including a bounce house for your child’s birthday party:

1. Safety and security

The last thing you want in a birthday party is an injury spoiling the fun. The inflated rubber material offers a comfortable cushion for the wobbly little ones. Falling is almost fun! The design steers clear of hard or pointed edges ensuring that the play is safe. Each inflatable rental from Fun Factor Rentals is examined for safety before being hired out.

2.Wide variety
Bounce houses come in many different shapes and themes to cater for different tastes and events. Common shapes include castles, barns and even some resembling animals. You can make your kid’s birthday party truly unique by incorporating an inflatable representing what she/he likes.

3.Adds more fun
It is common knowledge that kids cannot resist an inflatable moonwalk. They never seem to have enough of jumping up and down on that bouncy stuff. Most are large enough to allow many kids to play at once. As parents watch the bliss from a distance, there is an inner temptation to join in and relieve their childhood. And fun it is for the whole family!

4. They are flexible
Rental bounce houses can be used in many other events, not just birthday parties. They provide a great focal point for just any occasion. Be it a wedding anniversary, graduation party or any other functions, an inflatable will find its place in each one. It is a great way of keeping kids busy and entertained, as their parents take this time to catch up with one another.

5. Easy to transport
The different sizes of inflatables available makes it possible for them to be set up in the house or backyard. You’re able to select the one that fits in the space that you have. Inflatables are easily movable, making it possible to cater for any number of children in attendance.

6. Available for hire
It is now possible to rent bounce houses just in time for your occasion. You can use it for an entire day or week depending on our occasion. Renting also gives you an option of using a different one each time.

7. Easy set up
Once you hire a bounce house, the renting company caters for transport and installation. It is deflated for easy transport then inflated on site. You do not have to worry about the details, simply sit back and enjoy your event.

If you’re having an event, do not forget the little ones. They require to be catered for just like their parents. Get a rental bounce house at a pocket friendly price and take the kids off your hands; to some total fun!

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