Children’s Activities For Easter Party

Easter party ideasEaster is one of the biggest holidays in the US.   Traditionally, this holiday has been known to be of a particular significance to different people across the world. For many people, this is a religious holiday where they get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For others, this is the time to get together and bond.  It is also a good time to plan fun activities for the children so as to ensure they also have a memorable Easter.  If you are looking to create a fun festive atmosphere, consider organizing some games and outdoors activities for your guests. You can come up with creative children activities for Easter party that are guaranteed to keep the kids happy. Here are a few ideas to help you create one of the most memorable Easter holidays ever:

1. The Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter holiday is complete for the kids if they do not get to enjoy an Easter egg hunt. There is an element of thrill and intrigue that appeals to the kids when it comes to games where they are required to do any form of hunting or playing hide and seek. These are elements which are experienced when they get to hunt for the Easter egg. You can hide eggs and candy in different areas on your yard depending on the number of kids you are hosting for the party.  To make sure that each and every kid gets their fair share of the fun, you can simply place a limit on the number of eggs one kid is allowed to find. Once the race starts, the kids are free to run around and try to find the eggs as fast as possible.

2. Egg and Spoon Race

This is another fan activity that can keep your kids busy during Easter.  Children love to compete especially if the game involves some element of fun that is guaranteed to make them laugh. That is what they get when they decide to race with an egg on a spoon. You simply line the children next to each other and ask them to run with an egg on a spoon. Come up with prizes for the first three contestants to cross the finishing line without dropping the egg. This game is guaranteed to give the kids some good laughs as they compete.

3. Bounce House Rentals

Bounce house rentals will definitely give the kids that safe environment where they can jump around and play without having to worry about injuries. As the weather gets warmer, people want to spend more time outside. Getting an inflatable play structure for your yard is a good way to get the kids away from video games and encourage active play outside.

4. Musical Chairs

This is a game where kids compete to sit on chairs which happen to be less by one. You play some music as they dance around the chairs and when the music goes off they are meant to sit. Whoever does not have a chair loses. It is a fun way to keep a party going.  One of the great variations for this game is known as “The Cake Walk” – with the last remaining contestant winning some kind of a baked prize.  The cake walk is a great way to get adults to play the game along with the kids.

These are just some of the children activities for Easter party occasions that you can choose to ensure that it is a memorable one.